Trusted CATV Amplifiers for Telecom & Broadband Components

The CATV amplifier selection we stock work up to 1.2 GHz, and its high-performance GaAs devices enable extended bandwidth and higher data rates. The GaAs MMIC and ultimate internal matching provide high gain and high performance along with lower current and better CTB and CSO ratings. Our CATV amplifier products deliver increased network capacity and are capable of high-end services like High Definition TV, Digital TV, and VoIP. The power doublers, which has “D” in the part number, are ideal for CATV line extenders, trunk amplifiers, and fiber/optical-node applications. The push pulls, which has “P” in the part number, are also best suited for providing enough driver amplification, and high gain. These 870MHz & 1.2GHz solutions are designed for durability and offer superior ruggedness, an extended temperature range, high-power overstress capabilities, and high ESD levels. All CATV hybrid amplifiers use industry-standard packaging, SOT-115J, which drawings can be found from each device datasheets or the package info document.


  • Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) applications: Line extenders, Trunk amplifiers, Fiber optical-nodes
  • CATV, FTTH, Digital TV
  • Digital Broadcasting System
  • Cable Modem
  • Laser Diode Driver